Good People. Good Beer. Good Life.



When Kim and Louie Stoltz took a look at what they wanted for their future it became clear they wanted a life of community. Building a life of community in Cut Bank.


Cut Bank Creek Brewery is providing Cut Bank with good beer and a place to drink it. People are gathering together to enjoy the good life Cut Bank provides. 


 Besides serving quality beer, there is Montana made hard ciders, wine, and seltzer on tap. In addition, there is non-alcoholic handcrafted ginger-ale, root beer, kombucha and local roasted coffee. The brewery is creating an environment where people of all ages flat out enjoy being together.


When people think about Cut Bank Creek Brewery, they want them to think Cut Bank has good people, good beer the good life.



As luck would have it, two of the main ingredients for our beer abound in our area.  Barley, and clean water.

We live in Montana's Golden Triangle one of the worlds best places to produce malt barley. Most of our malt barley is grown within 30 miles of the brewery.

Glacier National Park is the headwaters of Cut Bank Creek, a year-round supply of clean fresh flowing water.  

We think you'll agree our attention to detail and the finest ingredients make for some really good beer. 

Beers on Tap

Penguin Piss - Amber IBU 28.4, ABV 5.4%

Roughneck Red - Irish Red IBU 27.3,  ABV 5.3%

Sweet Grass - Wheat IBU 16, ABV 3.6%

Farmers Gold - Pale Ale IBU 45.3, ABV 6.6%

Triple Divide Stout - Oatmeal Stout IBU 57.5, ABV 5.7% 

Rail Spike - IPA IBU 73.4, ABV 6.9 %

Medicine Grizzly - IPA IBU 65, ABV 6% 

Prairie Bock - Bock IBU 25.1, ABV 6.0%

Penguin Punch - Raspberry Wheat - IBU 16, ABU 4.4

Berry Breeze - Raspberry Wheat + sweetener IBU 16, ABU 4.4%

Creek Water - Cream Ale IBU 13.9, ABV 4.7%

Hose Packer - Mexican Lager IBU 15.5, ABU 3.3%

Other - 


Wine - house red & white

Ciders - Western Cider Poor Farmer & Johnny (MT made )

Specialty Mules - with Titos or pink peppercorn gin or cider (MT made)

Selected Specialty Cocktails

Dirty Girl - Headframes Orphan girl & root beer (MT made)

Whistling Andy's - Huckleberry Vodka & Lemonade (Mt made)

Whistling Andy's - Pink Peppercorn Pear Gin and  Sparkling Grapefruit (MT made)


Beer - Athletic Brewing Co

Handcrafted - Root beer & Ginger Ale (made in house}

Coffee & Hot tea - Missoula Tea Company (MT made)



315 East Rail Road - Cut Bank Montana


Monday 4-8

Tuesday - Saturday 4-9

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Montana Brewery Law  (MT-16-3-213) allows 48 oz Per Person Per day onsite consumption. Don't like this law? Would you like to see the hours changed? The number of ounces served? Perhaps some wine would be nice? Please contact your local Legislator.

For more information on who your legislator is, visit

We are happy to fill growlers for you any time we are here.

Cheers! Louie & Kim